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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Big Thank-you to my All Saints homies...

This is an update for the April "Beacon," All Saints' Newsletter. The thing is, though, I realized as I was writing it that some of the people in this "story" don't attend All Saints anymore and it is as much to them as the people who will be reading it. So, my church friends -- old and new -- you know who you are, here goes...

I’m writing you with joy in my heart, both for the hope we find in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the things he is bringing to fruition in my life.

I am scheduled to graduate from Asbury Theological Seminary on May 24 with my Master of Divinity degree. But perhaps of more interest to you, my ordination date is Saturday, May 31 in Fresno!

As I look toward these culminating events, I again must thank God for you and thank you for the important role that you, my home congregation, have played in my life, faith walk and ministry journey. From the time I first entered the doors of All Saints nine years ago (Second Sunday of Easter, 1999), you welcomed me into your worshipping and discipling community. During that first year, my heart was transformed and Christ got a hold of my life in a new way. From there, you encouraged me and helped me grow as we read, studied, prayed, retreated, ate, and worshipped together. You listened and prayed as we discerned God’s call on my life together and then in 2004, you sent me to seminary with so much love that tears were streaming down my face.

But your support didn’t end there. Through prayers, parish outreach support, personal checks, and encouraging notes, you constantly reminded me of your love and support for me, which also served as a sign of God’s faithfulness and his extravagant love for me. When I accept my diploma in May and wear my deacon stole for the first time, I want to remember that this is all about Christ and his body. I was called by Christ to serve his body (the Church) and, in turn, the Body of Christ has supported me. In other words, YOU ARE PART OF THIS. God called you to be part of it, you responded, and I believe we both have been richly blessed by it.

I eagerly look forward to seeing you the end of May.


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